2017 Great Cycle Challenge

Cancer, the word we all fear hearing while in a doctor’s office. It is a scary word, it means hospital visits, chemotherapy, and radiation; it means losing your hair and being really sick from the treatments that are supposed to be making you better. What is the only thing that could make cancer even scarier? Imagine that this diagnosis is not for you but your 8-year-old daughter? That is exactly what happened with Callie who was diagnosed with pelvic rhabdomyosarcoma just 17 months ago, right before her birthday.
Callie is the star of the 2017 Great Cycle Challenge, a fundraising event that benefits the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. This year, Sean is participating in this event to help kick cancer’s butt! His goal is to ride 200 miles in the month of June and raise $500 to support Children’s Cancer Research, which only receives 1% of the federal funding towards cancer research. Every week 38 children pass away from cancer in the United States, and we think that number is just too high! If you would like to support Sean in his goal to kick cancer’s butt you can support him here https://greatcyclechallenge.com/Riders/SeanWing or if you would like to participate in the event and join his team you can do so here https://greatcyclechallenge.com/Teams/SohokuBicycleClub. Sean is also going to have his picture displayed on a billboard in Time’s Square this Wednesday, May 24th for Tribute day! The display will be live streamed and we will post the link and approximate time Sean will be there on our Facebook page as soon as we have those details.  
Thank you!

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