Health Benefits of Peaches

Peaches – a round stone fruit with juicy yellow flesh and downy pinkish-yellow skin

Fun Facts & Health Benefits of Peaches

  • a good snack for weight loss
  • fights obesity – related diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • good for healthy skin
  • peaches reduce hair loss
  •  peaches helps reduce anxiety
  • peaches have selenium which helps reduce cancer
  •  they remove worms from the intestines
  •  they have a diuretic effect
  •  peaches help calm an upset stomach
  •  the compounds in stone fruits may help in “metabolic syndrome”
  •  help those from suffering from gout and rheumatism
  • peaches are known as an aphrodisiac
Georgia is the peach state but 50 percent of the peaches here in the U.S. are produced in California.
The peach tree is considered to be the tree of life.
Always talk to your doctor about your particular situation!

BLS Fact of the Week

According to Science Daily, choking is a leading cause of death in children especially under the age of 4. The most common items choked on are food, coins and toys.

ACLS Fact of the Week

Epinephrine – this is the primary drug in the cardiac arrest algorithm

  • improves perfusion pressure to the brain and heart
  • improves cardiac output by increasing heart rate, heart muscle contractility and increases conductivity through the AV node


1 mg IV/IO push every 3 to 5 minutes



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