Brown Rice vs. White Rice

Brown rice – unpolished rice with only the husk of the grain removed
White rice – is milled rice that has had its husk, bran and germ removed 
So which is better for you?  Brown rice or white rice. Here we will focus on heart disease, blood sugar and diabetes and weight control.
Heart Disease
  • brown rice helps protect against heart disease since it contains plant compounds called lignans
Blood Sugar and Diabetes
  • brown rice contains fiber and is high in magnesium which helps control blood sugar levels
Weight Control
  • Eating brown rice may also help reduce weight, body mass index and the circumference of the waist and hips
Brown rice is higher in fiber vitamins and minerals making it a better choice than white rice but both can be a part of a healthy diet.  There is nothing wrong with a little white rice every now and again.
Always check with your doctor before making any lifestyle changes.
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BLS Fact of the Week

Drowning victims – Rescuers should remove drowning victims from the water by the fastest means available and should begin resuscitation as quickly as possible.  Spinal chord injury is rare among fatal drowning victims.  Victims with obvious clinical signs of injury, alcohol intoxication, a history of diving into shallow water are at a higher risk of spinal chord injury and health care providers may consider stabilization and possible immobilization of the cervical and thoracic spine for these victims.

ACLS Fact of the Week


Pulseless Electrical Activity – refers to cardiac arrest in which the ECG shows a heart rhythm that should produce a pulse but does not. PEA is found initially in 55% of people in cardiac arrest.
Under normal circumstances, electrical activation of muscle cells precedes mechanical contraction of the heart.  In PEA, there is electrical activity but the heart doe not contract or there are other reasons this results in an insufficient cardiac output to generate a pulse and supply blood to the organs.

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